January 2021

There’s more to life than obsessing about your weight and body image.

Every day, it’s the same story: Will the scale be up or down? Will your clothes fit the way they should? Which oversized black cardigan are you going to cover up with today?

You’re stuck. And it’s not because you haven’t tried. You’ve tried everything.

Diets. Programs. Exercise plans. Meal delivery services. Maybe even weight-loss surgery or hormone injections. (We get it. We did, too.)

You’ve even had a few successes! Thirty days eating super-clean? You can do that. No problem.

But then “life happens” and it all goes down the drain. Your progress is shot, and you’re even worse off than when you started.


 Every day, you wake up feeling like a prisoner in a body you don’t even recognize.

But what are you going to do? Try another diet? You know how that story ends.

I know the struggle. I lived it.

I’m Jennifer Joffe, founder of Project Healthy Body.

I was overweight my entire life — sometimes only 15 to 20 pounds, but often much more.

I spent hours fantasizing about how my life would be perfect, if only I were thin. Someday, one day, I’ll start Monday — I lived everywhere but in the present with myself. I loved everyone but myself.

I was my own worst enemy, and this cycle went on for years.

Until one day, when I almost fainted carrying my daughter up the stairs. When I put her down, I walked into my bathroom, looked in the mirror, and gave up skinny. I’d chased skinny for 30-plus years, and all I did was get fatter.

I decided, fat or not, I needed to be healthy so I could just feel better.

And that’s when my life changed.

I poured my mind, body, and soul into learning how to become a healthy person. I’ve lost over 100 pounds, I’ve kept it off, and I’m healthy, active, and thriving.

I want this for every woman. I want this for you.

My program, Project Healthy Body, is the culmination of everything that I know works.

Yes, food is part of it. But if food was all of it, you would have figured it out by now.

a 5-month health coaching program rooted in self-love

Community Support

Getting healthy on your own is possible, but it’s also isolating, frustrating, and lonely. Your chance at success skyrockets when you surround yourself with women who have the same challenges and goals. In PHB, community support and accountability are built in. We cheer your victories and lift you up when the going gets tough.

Small Changes, Big Results

You likely approach food in one of two ways: you’re “on the wagon” and being good, or you’re “off the rails” and trying to get back on track. In PHB, we stop the all-or-nothing madness and focus on adding in small changes over time. We want you focused on how you’ll look a year from now, not two months from now.


The Right Information

Everything you know about losing weight and being a healthy person is wrong, but it’s not your fault. You’ve been brainwashed by big food, media, and the diet industry, and you probably don’t know who or what to believe anymore. PHB coaches cut through the noise and give you a solid, no-BS nutrition framework that works.

Focus Beyond Food

When you turn to food for comfort, it’s because you’re emotionally depleted and living a life that feels out of control — always focusing on others, and never taking time for yourself. In PHB, you won’t just learn about food: you’ll discover why you emotionally eat in the first place, and how to break the cycle.


Weekly Group Coaching Call

When you join PHB, you’ll be assigned to a small group with three other women and your coach. Each week, you’ll have a one-hour group call to dive into that week’s lesson, receive laser-focused coaching, and support your fellow group members.


Engaging Activities

Between coaching calls, you’ll have assignments to help you explore your habits, your relationship with food, and negative-self talk. Handouts, videos, podcasts, and other handpicked materials help you stay empowered on your path to better health.

The Fitbit Hustle

Each week, we track your progress through our motivating Fitbit hustle challenges. All PHB members work toward 10K steps per day, but we focus on progress, not perfection. It’s not a competition — just a way to maintain healthy movement!

Success Partners

You will be matched with a Success Partner in PHB. Each week, you’ll check in to help each other stay on track. The bonds that form between success partners often turn into incredible friendships!

24/7 Support in the PHB Network

The PHB Network is our private, online hub for 24/7 support. Here, you’ll find all of your class materials, and you can also interact with other PHB members and coaches. New discussion topics are added daily to keep you engaged on your health journey.


Bi-Weekly Progress Check-Ins

Every other week, you will record your weight and measurements. While your numbers stay between you and your coach, overall gain and loss is discussed on the calls so that we can encourage what is working and troubleshoot challenges.

Join our next group in JANUARY 2021

Enrollment for Project Healthy Body only opens twice per year.

If now feels like your time, get started by applying for more information below. We will answer all of your questions and determine whether PHB is right for you!

Chrissy M.
Down 120 pounds and 63.25 inches

To date, I have lost 120 pounds, but it’s what I’ve gained that is truly remarkable. I have gained my sense of self worth, my commitment to self care, and gratitude for my life.

In 2017, I was at my heaviest: 271 pounds. At 5 feet 3 inches, I was morbidly obese and sitting on the sidelines of my life. I was miserable and shameful. I was at the end of my ability to continue to live this way, and at 42, was staring down a long road of illness, mobility issues, and a shortened lifespan. I thought, “Is this it? Is this going to be the rest of my life?”

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It was in February 2017 that I saw Holly VonDemfange’s blog, and it spoke to me on such a deep level that I knew that I had to find out who she was working with. That is how I found PHB.

It took me until the end of April to actually reach out and practically beg Jennifer to take me on as a client. I was so ready to get to work! Project Healthy Body saved my life! That is no exaggeration — I was already showing signs of pre-diabetes, and I could barely walk up a flight of stairs.

Project Healthy Body is not a diet. It is committing to life as a healthy person, doing what healthy people do and reaping the rewards of choosing self-love. We learn to feel all the feelings and manage them in a healthy way, fall down and get back up, and let go of the shame and guilt that we felt as obese women.

The connections I have made within our Project Healthy Body Network are lasting friendships that I will have for the rest of my days. I am so grateful for this group, and I would recommend this program for anyone who is ready to fight for themselves. We can’t do it for you, but we will do it with you!

Down 41 pounds and 36.5 inches

I had what looked like a great life – a loving and supportive husband, two wonderful daughters, and a challenging career, but I was miserable. I was smart and successful, but unable to lose weight and keep it off.

I had tried to get my weight under control for years — I tried every diet and failed, and at other times, I would pretend I was not really fat or that it was just who I was. I had no energy. I could not sleep through the night. My body ached. I would eat when I was sad. I would eat when I was stressed.

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I would eat to celebrate. I would eat to pass the time. I would hide my eating. I was a mess.

My line in the sand happened in June 2017. The scale was about to hit a number that I felt would break me. I knew I needed help, and that is when I found Project Healthy Body.

Project Healthy Body changed my life. Jennifer’s story was compelling, and she created a program and space designed to help smart, successful women overcome their blocks to weight loss and health. Jennifer led by example, sharing the tools she developed for healthy weight loss.

I have learned it is about so much more than just the number on the scale. I have learned to eat healthy, add in movement, hydrate, and control only the things in my control. The lessons from PHB have helped me at work, with my children, and connecting with my husband. What I did not expect, but have found most rewarding, is the incredible group of women that I get to connect with and support as they progress with their journey. I have never been a part of something so dynamic.

What I have realized is that my weight was just an outward reflection of the work I need to do on me. PHB has given me the ability to fight for my health. I have learned there is no such thing as perfect, and instead I chase progress.

A little over a year later, I can climb a mountain without getting winded, I sleep through the night, and I choose to fuel my body with healthy food. I have never been happier and cannot wait to continue my journey to healthy.


I cannot say enough about my experience with Project Healthy Body! I had been a career dieter through my later teen years and adulthood. I made the decision that 2018 was going to be my year, and that I had to do something different in order to get a different result.

I knew that I needed to understand the emotional side of things. After following Jennifer and PHB on Instagram for several years, I decided to reach out. I am beyond thankful that I contacted her and joined PHB. It has been life changing.

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For the first time in my life, this CLICKED. I finally understand what that means. This program and community has taken me out of my comfort zone in the very best possible way. While I don’t want to say that the journey has been easy, in a way has been. I no longer walk around in a brain fog. I am engaged in my life and I have never felt better!

This began as a weight loss goal, and weight loss has since become secondary to me. Nothing beats feeling great. I describe it as glowing from the inside out, and I now feel this way on a regular basis. If you are ready to make a change in your life, I highly recommend Project Healthy Body. The coaches are phenomenal, and the community itself is beyond supportive. I’m so proud to be a part of this strong tribe of women!


When you join Project Healthy Body, you will be matched with the coach who can best support you. All of our certified health coaches are handpicked and trained by Jennifer Joffe, and have personally overcome their own health and weight struggles.

Photo: PHB Coaches and clients at our 2018 retreat.



What is the cost to participate?
Please fill out this brief application and we will be in touch with pricing details — no strings attached. Thank you!
What is your refund policy?
We do not offer refunds. This policy gives clients a true level of accountability and motivation to commit fully to their health. In extremely rare cases due to unforeseen medical issues, we will consider refunds on a case-by-case basis. In such cases, a two-week notice and verification of the condition is required.

Here is the truth: we have all been where you are, and we know it is scary to commit to big changes! That is why PHB is a 5-month program. We go slow and add in changes over time: hydration, movement, healthy foods, and new ways of thinking. You know quick fixes and the all-or-nothing approach doesn’t work. We’ll show you what does work, and we’ll do so at a realistic, sustainable pace. But the bottom line is that you have to be ready to commit and change your life, and our refund policy reflects that.

There is nothing we will ask you to do that isn’t within your capacity. We have clients tired of battling the same 20 pounds, and we have morbidly obese clients over 400 pounds. We know you can do this, but it does take time, dedication, and a true desire to fight for a new, healthy way of living.

Jennifer, the founder of PHB, spent 30 years living what she called a “One day, someday, I’ll start Monday” life. There was always a good reason why she could not commit to making changes, and she knows when there is an escape hatch, our fear and doubt can send us running for the door. However, much of that is driven by thinking you are going to have everything taken away from you, and since PHB is not taking anything away from you, we know this program is designed for your success!

What kind of diet do you promote? Do I have to order special food?
Diets don’t work! They never have, and they never will. We won’t tell you WHAT to eat, but we will tell you HOW to eat in order to lose weight and become a Healthy Person. No foods are “off limits.” We were once where you are now, and we know that when you hear “can’t,” “shouldn’t,” and “don’t,” you become a heat-seeking missile for all the things!

We teach you how to make small changes over time, so that most of the time you are eating whole, real, nutrient-dense foods that nourish your body. We are not teaching you a “program” that you white-knuckle through for 30, 60, or 90 days. We teach you how to be healthy and achieve sustainable weight loss that lasts forever. What we know is when you add in healthier choices, they crowd out the less-healthy choices.

Ordering “special food” doesn’t work either. It doesn’t teach you how to operate in the real world. While we do recommend certain brands and products to our clients (like Vital Proteins collagen powder and Chomps meat sticks for on-the-go snacks), these are just helpful suggestions, and they are not requirements. We will teach you how to figure out what works for you.

How much weight can I expect to lose?
Healthy takes time, and there is no way for us to guarantee how much weight you will lose. Your current health status and the effort you put into the program are the two biggest factors that will determine your success.

In Project Healthy Body, we are DONE chasing skinny, and instead, we chase healthy. When you focus on health, the weight loss will always follow. Sometimes it happens quickly, and sometimes it takes longer. We let go of timelines and we work on being healthy and happy. #whoquitshealthy

What kind of workouts will I need to complete?
We don’t believe you need to be a gym rat or a slave to a specific workout program. In PHB, we believe in good old-fashioned walking and building in movement over time.

We will challenge you to raise the bar on your fitness level as you progress through the program, but only in a way that works for you. For instance — can you add in one minute of planking per day? Can you do 10 pushups on your bathroom counter before you brush your teeth? This is how you build sustainable habits! The only requirement for movement is step-tracking via your Fitbit. You can read more about this under the fitness tracking FAQ.

Are there any requirements for weigh-ins or fitness tracking?
Yes. You will be held accountable via the PHB Network, our Fitbit Hustle, and bi-weekly weight and measurements that you send to your coach. We expect you to participate in ALL of these metrics, as they are essential to your success.

The Fitbit Hustle allows us to monitor your movement, but is not a competition. The goal is to get everyone to 10K steps per day, but we care about progress, not perfection. A Fitbit is required — unfortunately, we cannot coordinate with other types of trackers, like the Apple Watch.

Your weight and measurements are between you and your coach. However, coaches will talk about overall weight loss and gain in your group. This is so we can encourage what is working and troubleshoot challenges. At its core, PHB is a weight-loss program. Our goal is to no longer be obese or overweight, and to be healthy people.

Do I have to live in Portland, Oregon?
Nope! This is a virtual program, and you can live anywhere in the world. Your weekly coaching call takes place over a conference line, which can be accessed for free via your computer if you are living or traveling internationally.

Besides coaching women in 36 states, we currently have clients in Great Britain, Austria, New Zealand, Canada, and India. We have had women participate from China and Brazil as well. We are an international girl gang!

How long is the program? What are the dates and times for classes?
PHB courses are 5 months long, or 22 weeks. This includes 20 weeks of coaching, with two weeks off built into the program, usually around holidays. Courses are offered twice per year — one beginning in late January, and the other in late August.

When you enroll in PHB, you will be matched with the coach who is best for you, and you will pick a standing call time (for example, Tuesdays at 12 p.m. PST). We offer morning, afternoon, and evening call times to accommodate your schedule, but you must choose a single standing call time that works for you.

All phone calls are one hour long, and must be attended live. Our policy is that you cannot miss more than two calls for the duration of PHB — attendance and participation is critical to your success!

How much time will I have to commit to PHB each week?
Outside of your one-hour coaching call, you can expect to spend 10-15 minutes daily interacting in the online PHB Network, as well as 1-2 hours per week on homework. Homework may include writing exercises, podcasts, videos, reading, etc. — all designed to support you on your journey.

And of course, you will be devoting time to movement and healthy food prep, but we teach you how to build this into your everyday life. Nobody needs to be slaving away in the kitchen for five hours on a Sunday — that’s ridiculous!

Is this just another gimmick? How do I know this will actually work?
We understand your skepticism, because we have tried ALL of the gimmicks and quick fixes. Between all of the coaches on the PHB team, we have tried programs, diets, meal delivery services, weight-loss surgery, supplements, you name it — in our struggles, we left no stone unturned. Some of us started dieting before we were 10 years old!

What we know is that this is the only thing that works: self-love, small changes over time, a supportive community, and shifting your identity to become a healthy person. Is it guaranteed to work for you? If you embrace it and commit to the process, it will! We cannot do this FOR you, but we will do this with you. Every client who has seriously committed to this process has been successful. If you don’t commit to the process, we cannot guarantee your success.

How do I know I won’t fail? This looks so exciting, but I’m nervous.
Listen up — EVERYONE who joins PHB is nervous! It’s totally normal to feel this way when you are committing to a long-term process in an area that you struggle with. The good news is that all of your group members will be in the exact same boat, and we break the ice really quickly.

We cannot promise that you will not “fail,” because you have to put in effort. What we CAN promise is that if you are done with your excuses, fed up with your situation, and ready to draw your line in the sand, there is no other community on the planet that will be more supportive on your health and weight-loss journey. If you are ready to change your life, PHB has the tools, roadmap, and support for you to be incredibly successful.

Will my coach be available to me outside of the group call time?
When you participate in group coaching, you have access to your coach via the messaging feature in the PHB Network. We will reply to all messages within 24 hours. You also have access to a private PHB Circle that is for you and your fellow group members. You can post, share, and ask for support 24/7 in that space.
Are your coaches certified?
Absolutely! All of our coaches are certified via the Institute for Integrative Nutrition or the Nutritional Therapy Association. They hold the appropriate designations, including Certified Holistic Health Coach (CHHC) or Nutritional Therapy Practitioner (NTP). They are committed to maintaining and advancing their knowledge through continuing education.

Our coaches have also been through their own weight-loss journeys, so they are able to relate to your struggles. Most are actively participating in PHB, or have participated in the program in the past. They are proof that our approach works!

Is private coaching available? I’m not sure how I feel about group coaching.
Many people are skeptical of group coaching: “Won’t I get less attention? Won’t it be less effective?” Actually, the opposite is true! In the past, we offered both one-on-one and group coaching, but very early on, our data showed that people are far more successful in group work.

When you only have one person supporting you (your coach), your are more likely to feel alone and isolated, and to give up on your journey. When you have support from a coach, your group members, and an entire tribe of women who are facing the same struggles that you are, it’s far more likely that you will stay committed and be successful. For this reason, Project Healthy Body is offered as a group program only.

I am not obese or overweight. Can I still join Project Healthy Body?
We understand that all women struggle with self-love, self-care, and self-worth, and that we all need community support. However, our curriculum is geared toward women who are currently overweight or obese and looking to achieve a healthy weight. If you have any questions about whether PHB is a good fit for you, please email us at
Can I participate if I am nursing or trying to get pregnant?
Yes! We have had several women conceive in PHB — healthy bodies make healthy babies! No one is dieting or restricting, but we are focusing on whole, real foods, which are key for health during preconception and pregnancy.

You will need sign-off from your doctor or OBGYN if you become pregnant, but most women have found that they are able to continue participating in PHB.

Can men join Project Healthy Body?
At this time, Project Healthy Body is a program for women only.
Does Project Healthy Body promote body positivity?
Yes and no. At PHB, we believe in learning to love your body while you change your body. This is a weight-loss program rooted in self-love. This is not about finding a way to live your best life as an obese person. While we fully support any woman who wants to embrace her obesity, that is not what we are doing here. The data tells us that when you are obese, your risk of dying from health-related issues is greatly increased. We want you alive, healthy, mobile, and thriving.


I’ve now reversed a multi-year upwards trend and have lost 20 pounds, 18.25 inches, and over 12 percent of my body weight. I have a normal BMI.

I wanted to be a healthy weight by last Christmas, but it took time. Good things take time!

I’m succeeding. It’s a slow, steady process and I know this is for life. I’m also confident that this progress will continue because it’s been accomplished through a lifestyle change, and not one of the quick fixes I’d tried before.

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To read more about Abby’s physical and emotional transformation, check out her guest post on the PHB blog!


Plain and simply, Project Healthy Body will change your life in the best way. I loved working with Jennifer and appreciated her direct approach.

The program itself goes far beyond weight loss and what we choose to put on our plates.

It aims straight for the issues that really hold us back: our own lack of self-love and self-care. I learned so much about myself over the time I participated, and I still use so much of it!

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I’m a much happier, healthier, and smaller version of myself. I’m so grateful to have participated in Project Healthy Body, and would highly recommend it to anyone.


I have always struggled with my weight. I was an overweight child, teen, and adult. There have been times when I was fit and active, and others when I was morbidly obese. I know what eating healthy and exercising looks like and feels like, but have never seemed to put it together that I need to love myself for this self-care to work.

After I had my twins, I lost touch with myself and was letting my life live me instead of me living my life. I had gained weight AFTER the twins were born, and exercise — well, I always had an excuse for why I wasn’t.

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I hit the point where I was tired of the excuses, tired of caring for everyone but myself, and tired of being tired. That’s when I reached out to Jennifer at Project Healthy Body.

Through PHB, I learned that I have to put myself first if I am ever going to be healthy and feel in control. And that is what I did and am still doing almost a year later. Gone are the days where excuses ruled and poor choices were made. Now I control my life, my time, my movement, and my fuel. I make healthy choices that support me and my desire to live my best life.

Is it easy? No, I still struggle with making good choices and not letting life get control of me. But I discovered that I can be a mom, partner, executive, community member, volunteer, and friend, and still have time to care for me. Gone are 60 pounds of self-doubt, and they have been replaced with tons of self-care and self-love.

Join our next group in JANUARY 2021

Enrollment for Project Healthy Body only opens twice per year.

If now feels like your time, get started by applying for more information below. We will answer all of your questions and determine whether PHB is right for you!