The PHB Redirect™ Testimonials
“As a physician, the redirect has helped me regain mental clarity in a time of utter chaos in a pandemic. When I need to process or decompress, I hop on. Not only does it center you mentally, but I feel as though my core has truly strengthened and engaged with the fluid movements. My entire family uses this – its perfect for a workout, to clear and reframe your thoughts, my children also use it when they are on breaks from distance learning. The Redirect is easy to use and maintain, is ergonomic and I have experienced and increase in flexibility within my joints. This is a new generation of product – it truly encompasses mind, body and health in using it! I would HIGHLY recommend – with all the money that I have spent in the past on products and exercise equipment and trying to relieve stress – nothing compares to the way I feel after using The Redirect!”
Dr. Nina Manpreet Brar
Diplomat, American Board of Podiatric 
Medicine & Surgery
Department of Podiatric Medicine & Surgery
Golden Valley Health Centers
Department of Orthopedics

“As a Life Coach I know that our bodies aren’t the only thing we need to exercise, especially in today’s world, and that’s exactly what Project Healthy Body knows and delivers with it’s amazing Redirect. If you’re looking for a compact yet highly effective piece of equipment that’s easy to hop on and that quickly changes both your emotional and physical state in a short period of time, this is it. It’s my faithful companion whether using it to get in those extra daily steps and body movement or to shift emotional energy or even break a good sweat and tone the body. I love my Redirect and use it daily for a multitude of reasons; it’s both easy to use and takes up little room and no effort to jump on it an get the juices flowing. I have seen my body shape shift and my mood reset after a bout on it. I am a raving fan, avid user, and strong advocate of the Redirect and for anyone looking for a powerful tool to enhance their emotional and physical well-being with ease, this is for you!”
Nancy Carlstrom
Professional Life Coach

“This product is genius and I am so grateful! I am noticing how my mood can change quite drastically just by popping on for several minutes and am learning to love it more and more each day for stress reduction and moving my emotions. I love how it makes me feel good each time I use it. It’s very fun to use, and doesn’t get my heart rate up TOO high too quickly which is good for my migraines. I also feel more toned in my mid-section!” 

Brigitta D. ~ California

“My daughter, who is 10, jumps on it during her digital school class when she gets antsy.  She snags it from my office area.  My son, age 6, comes in my office and jumps on while he talks to me. If he sees it he jumps on it. He likes to move.  Basically we need more of them!”  Nicole T. , California

“I spend 30 minutes on it every morning. I host a dance party for my team at work. We dance our asses off from 8:30-9. I turn on the playlist hop on The Redirect and wiggle and sweat!

So, you may ask, why do I do this every day. What benefits am I getting? I smile, can’t help it, when I am wrapping up the dance. I have been able to get off antidepressants! I am a happier person! I have hope. I get energy from it.

My husband thought it was silly, and still teases me when I hop on. However, even he has noticed I am calmer, and less likely to chuck it at his head! He thanks you for that, by the way!

I love the simplicity of it. I love that it is easy to store. It gets dirty, especially with my animals who shed like crazy, but it’s easy to wipe off.

Mostly, it’s a hell of a lot cheaper than therapy and I am most definitely more receptive to it!”

Nancy B. ~ California

“It is ironic that The Redirect is spins because I use it to stop spinning. I wake up a little off-kilter almost every day and it gives me an opportunity to “just be” and then go from there. I do sometimes use it later in the day when I’m frustrated with writing or life – just depends on the day. I use it nearly every morning for about 15-20 minutes. Recently I went out of town for a few days and I really missed it, was happy to wake up and get back to it.”  Cyndy L. ~ Texas

“The biggest change I have seen is emotional. I love that I can get in movement even when circumstances prevent me from getting outside for my daily walk.  I used to be discouraged when I couldn’t get outside. The Redirect is a game changer in this regard for me. “ MaryAnn N. ~Oregon

“It’s so nice to have another option to get steps while watching tv.  It’s a great way to calm myself when my emotions are high, and it’s so EASY to do. Moving emotions  – I like using bilateral-stimulation and tapping the opposite shoulder with my opposite hand. It works!”

Amanda G. ~ Oregon

“I found that when I didn’t use it for a couple of weeks, my stress slowly started to creep in. I believe it definitely helped with stress reduction in a sort of magical way. And this may sound silly, but I think because it’s only 5 minutes at a time – it’s a perfect first habit on the road to healthy. We all need to start somewhere and I’m a firm believer in building habits – so it gave me a sense of accomplishment and feeling proud – and sometimes that’s what I need to get through the day or week – and then it gives me the ability to conquer the bigger tasks in my life.”

Patty K ~ Minnesota

“I use it in the morning, while watching news, to wake up body. Throughout the day I use for movement, stretching, extra steps, and when I get stressed I will hop on so I can think more rationally. I know when I use it I feel better. It gives me a “feel good” energy. I typically forget whatever it was I was thinking about and move on productively. “ Diana M. ~ New York

“I love the ease to just hop on it and get in some quick movement and work through emotions when I need it. I also like to take work breaks and spend a few minutes jamming out to a favorite song! I love the simplicity and it’s so easy to move around the house.” Whitney A. ~ Minnesota

“The Redirect is easy and requires no prep. No shoes, no problem. It feels good. So much variety with what you can do. Bilateral stimulation helps me get out of my head and find clarity and breathe. Great way to build in movement even if it’s only one minute at a time!” 

Lyndsey W. ~ Pennsylvania

“The Redirect works! I do notice a difference especially if I do it regularly. I like that it is easy to transport and has other uses such as stretching and core work. I also use it when feeling overwhelmed at work, or with any stressful situation at home. Also very helpful before bedtime to help relax.”

Catherine W. Rhode Island

“I use it in mini-bursts throughout the day — when my coffee is brewing, in between meetings, when something is in the oven, and when my Fitbit pings that I need more steps. I will step on if I am feeling anxious or bored, too.

 I use it for lots of reasons — steps for sure, but also stress reduction, to get out of my head (and not think), to reset my energy, to have fun (sometimes I just do full spins and get a little vestibular stimulation), and active meditation (sometimes I just get on there and chant, “I love myself”).

 I love that it is so accessible — I can be wearing whatever and can just step on it and go. It’s easy and fun to use, and I can see using it with the same ease when I was a lot heavier. I like that fact — that you don’t have to be fit to use it and move your body! “

 Bethe A., Washington D.C.

“I have enjoyed using The Redirect and have footprints on my board to attest to it’s use! The motion from this device is unlike anything I’ve done before. I believe it’s helped me stay calmer and more present than I would’ve been had I not had this while working through issues with my therapist or when feeling anxious. It helps me stay present as I am able to focus my thoughts on what’s happening in that moment. “  

Sharla V., Oregon 

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