The PHB Redirect™


Designed for up to 350 pounds

Many overweight people want to move. They want to get out for a walk, but depending on one’s fitness level, it may not be easy to put on the right gear, lace up shoes, walk up or down hills, stairs, or navigate city streets with ease. Even the process of getting to the gym can feel overwhelming in and of itself. The PHB Redirect™ is a place to start. By simply standing on The PHB Redirect™, a person feels ease of movement as their body can start to embrace motion and loosen up stiff joints and muscles. In order to create motion on The PHB Redirect™, one must begin to engage their core, stand with their shoulders back, engage their leg muscles, and gluteal muscles — often using muscles they did not know they even had.

Is it a balance board?

No! The PHB Redirect™ is NOT a balance board! Once you are on the platform you are on! You can shift your weight and move your feet as needed!

Is it a waist trimmer?

Yes, and No! Users have remarked that their waists have gotten smaller, but that is not what The PHB Redirect™ was invented for. We know there are 12 inch plastic disks on the market for waist-trimming. Our product is 24 inches wide, made of wood, and weighs 10 pounds. We hope your waist gets smaller if that is a personal goal for you, but please know The PHB Redirect™ is going to change your life from the inside out as you connect your mind and your body!

Hasn’t this been done?

No! Trust us, we did our research! The PHB Redirect™ (Patent Pending) combines a rotating bearing designed for moving televisions, monitors, art work, and food products in a circular motion with a specially engineered, weighted disk, designed to hold human beings up to 350 pounds, so users can use this same motion to move their bodies, strengthen their emotional resilience, and enhance their overall lives! A body in motion stays in motion!

How do I get on and off The PHB Redirect™?

We suggest you watch our Youtube Channel! Once you are familiar with The PHB Redirect™, you will simply step on and off by stepping onto the edge with one foot and allowing The Redirect™ to make contact with the ground, then stepping onto the platform with your opposite foot, as seen in the video. The very first time, we suggest you step on The Redirect™ while using a doorway, kitchen counter, a heavy stool/chair, or other heavy object for additional support as demonstrated in this video. Once you are accustomed to getting on and off, you’ll be able to do it with ease!

Do you offer refunds?

We do not. We are a very small shop assembling a small quantity of these each month. We will assume you know someone with one, have watched the YouTube Channel, have seen The PHB Redirect™ on social media, or are just one of those people that likes to take a risk, and jump into amazing new things! We also understand this may not be for everyone. If you purchase this and decide it is not for you, we hope you will pass it on to a friend or loved one.

What if I have had an injury in the past?

We assume you will send The PHB Redirect™ information to your healthcare professional (Physician, Physical Therapist, Acupuncturist, LMT, Etc.)  and ask them for their advice as they will be better informed to help guide you. Movement is generated from the hips up. You should be able to bend your knees slightly for stability.

Do I need to wear socks and/or shoes?

You will be standing on a flat piece of hard wood. If you plan to use The Redirect™ for over 5 minutes, we suggest you wear supportive shoes as you would for any other exercise. If you are using The Redirect™ for 5 minutes or less, you will probably not notice any issues with your feet. However, if you are prone to issues with your arches (high arches/flat feet/pronation), you will want to wear shoes with your usual support just like with any other physical exercise.

We do suggest socks if you do not want the board to get dirty as the bottom of your feet will increase the wear of your board. Some people don’t mind the extra love!

I have a hard time standing for long periods of time?

That is okay! We suggest you start with one minute at a time, using counter or heavy chair for additional support, and build from there. Go slow, and in no time, you will have a new exercise practice right in the comfort of your own home or office.

Is The PHB Redirect™ wood sealed?

No, and this is intentional. We thought we would seal it until we began investigating the process. Chemicals, waste, and the environment made us rethink this vision. We also like holding a piece of wood, a natural element, in our hands that has not been treated with additional chemicals.

But it will get dirty? Well listen, life is messy! If you step on The PHB Redirect™  with dirty shoes or dirty feet, it will get dirty! Many users have chosen to personalize The PHB Redirect™, which hides the wear and also invites inspiration! We love it! Paint, collage, stickers…see more ideas here (coming soon)!

Will The PHB Redirect™ scratch my flooring?

We have had zero reports of this to date. However, we suggest using a small kitchen rug or mat on any surface you may be worried about! You can watch this video for more on where and how to best use your PHB Redirect™.