The Redirect™ Benefits

The PHB Redirect™ uses motion to help people build emotional, mental, and physical resilience. Additionally, users will improve overall balance, coordination, posture, brain power, and emotional bandwidth.

Helps increase joy, creativity, flow.
Helps increase energy.
Helps decrease anxiety.
Helps manage stress.


FEEL YOUR FEELINGS: The PHB Redirect™ is an emotion mover and will help you reduce anxiety, fear, anger, sadness and other emotions you identify. Emotions present in the body first as physical sensations. When we are disconnected from our feelings, we are disconnected from our bodies. The Redirect™ helps rewire the mind-body connection requiring the two (mind and body) to work together. Therapists have recognized that we only need to ride a 60 to 90 second wave of emotion, feeling it and processing it without making a decision that may harm us (think: eating the thing, drinking the thing, sending the angry email) in order to decrease the odds that we will make a poor choice. 90 seconds on The PHB Redirect™ can help you build emotional resilience and assist you in making better choices.

When a person feels anxiety, stress, or a flooding of emotion, they will stand on The PHB Redirect™ and move their arms back and forth creating bi-lateral stimulation with a rhythmic side-to-side pattern making connection with each side of their body. The movement of twisting, spinning, swaying will help emotions move through the body when they get stirred up and moving within us. A body in motion stays in motion! Adding physical motion into our days on a regular basis helps prevent feelings from getting stuck inside of us, leaving us more likely to medicate, experience depression, anxiety, increased cortisol and a frequent “flight or fight” response.

We often hear “listen to your body,” but we don’t know how we do this. The Redirect™ helps connect the mind and body, increasing emotional intelligence and self-awareness. Adding motion when your body begins to process feelings physically will help you strengthen the mind-body connection and better manage every aspect of your life!

An Atlas Of The Human Body That Maps Where We Feel Emotions
Click for more on Where We Feel Emotions in the Body

Stress Management

REDUCE ANXIETY/STRESS.  The PHB Redirect™ will increase your overall health and sense of well-being, leaving you with more pep in your step!

  • It pumps up your endorphins. Physical activity bumps up the production of your brain’s feel-good neurotransmitters, called endorphins. The PHB Redirect™ allows you to get a quick hit to your endorphins in the middle of a chaotic day or stressful situation.
  • It reduces negative effects of stress. The PHB Redirect™ helps dissipate stress. The twisting, swaying, movements provide stress relief for your body as your body and its systems practice working together without outside distractions. This will also benefit your cardiovascular, digestive and immune systems — by helping protect your body from harmful effects of stress.
  • It allows you to stay more present. After just 5 to 10 minutes on The PHB Redirect™, you may find you have forgotten the day’s irritations and concentrated only on your body’s movements, enhancing the mind-body connection. As you begin to regularly shed your daily tensions through small bouts of movement on The PHB Redirect™, you may find that you are more able to focus on tasks at hand, while the resulting energy and optimism, helps you stay calm, clear and focused as you move through your day.
  • It improves your mood. The PHB Redirect™ generates the benefits of regular exercise increasing confidence, improving overall mood, aides in relaxation, and lowers symptoms of mild depression and anxiety. Exercise can also improve your sleep, which is often disrupted by stress, depression, and anxiety. All of these exercise benefits can ease your stress levels and give you a sense of command over your body and your life.

Productivity, Flow, Creativity, Energy, Joy

PRODUCTIVITY: Taking a 5 minute work/study break every 25 to 45 minutes has been shown to greatly increase productivity. Jumping on The PHB Redirect™ for just  3 to 5 minutes at a time will help you release energy, improve focus, and allow for greater concentration and engagement, thus boosting productivity.

FLOW: Good ideas, A-ha moments, and creative flow require a mind-body connection that is impossible to find in a cubicle, at a desk, staring blankly at a screen, or on the couch! The PHB Redirect™ unlocks creative thinking as movement helps ignite your imagination and launch you out of that stuck, stalled space that we so often find ourselves in.

The PHB Redirect™ is all about movement, which has been shown to stimulate imagination, problem solving, and creativity. Through the creation of motion using the arms, and hand gestures, the body can release old ideas/thoughts and make space allowing for new/fresh ones.

CREATIVITY: The PHB Redirect™ is basically “recess for adults”. When using the PHB Redirect™ the user is in a relaxed, open, contemplative, and overall, more expansive state of being, which equates to being more playful! If we do not allow time for play, we close down our creative channels. With the pressures of today’s world, we often leave play for the one or two weeks a year we take a vacation. The PHB Redirect™ allows for a quick recess whenever necessary.

ENERGY: It is easy to feel drained being indoors all day with limited movement. A few minutes of movement on The PHB Redirect™ will kickstart the user by boosting endorphins and leaving the user feeling energized and ready to tackle the next task of the day. Also better posture and a straight spine, keeps energy flowing!

JOY: The PHB Redirect™ is full body movement creating a neurological response increasing endorphins, as well as neurochemical hormones (endocannabinoids, dopamine, oxytocin) that make it easier to bond with other people. Strengthening your own mind-body connection means you will also be better able to connect with others to enhance your joy!

ACTIVE MEDITATION: Using The PHB Redirect™, the individual can focus on breathing, repeating a mantra, while doing rhythmic, repetitive motions. This will allow for an overall calmer state of being, centering, and ability to be present throughout the day.


CORE: A strong core stabilizes the lower back making you less likely to suffer from back pain and less susceptible to injury. The PHB Redirect™ enhances flexibility removing stress and tension from ligaments, while allowing for a greater range of motion and enhanced flexibility.

The PHB Redirect™ will strengthen the abdominal area and lower back which will improve balance and coordination. Research shows when you do core exercises, an area of the brain called the cerebellum is stimulated and this area affects overall coordination, spatial awareness, and balance. These are all areas that lose their effectiveness as we age and stop engaging in routine core work — one reason older people are more likely to fall and injure themselves.

Unfortunately, if one is overweight, or out of shape, crunches and sit-ups are not easy to do. However, with The PHB Redirect™, you can begin to build your abdominal muscles and your pelvic floor to reap all the benefits of having a strong center.

POSTURE: Standing tall, shoulders back engaging your core, focusing on your balance, while twisting and creating all types of fun motion will also help with your posture countering the time we spend with our heads down, hunched over, arms gathered closely in front of our bodies as we type or text, with limited motion. You will return to your seated position refreshed, energized, creative juices flowing, and ready to tackle the world.

FASCIA: Fascia is a thin casing of connective tissue that surrounds and holds every organ, blood vessel, bone, nerve fiber, and muscle in place. The tissue does more than provide internal structure; fascia has nerves that make it sensitive like skin and when stressed, it tightens up. It’s designed to stretch as you move. As we age we lose mobility and often range of motion… things that cause fascia to thicken and become sticky. When it dries up and tightens around muscles, it can limit mobility and cause painful knots to develop. Basically we get stuck.

The PHB Redirect™ allows a range of motions to be incorporated easily throughout the day preventing muscles from being under-utilized and isolated. Resistance stretching will help to break up fascia and can be enhanced when using The Redirect™ in conjunction with a chair, counter, in a doorway, or heavy object allowing for a more intense stretch as the user can lean into the resistance. The result is more freedom of movement and improvement in posture.

RANGE OF MOTION/BETTER MOBILITY: The PHB Redirect™ combats the aging process as the user can replicate motions used in the real world. Pulling weeds, climbing a ladder, jump-roping, reaching up to place something on a shelf are all movements that can be replicated on the Redirect. Additionally the user can pick up the board and practice moving with additional weight in their hands ensuring they do not lose their ability to lift small objects around the home/office. As noted above, core strength and coordination are also increased helping decrease the likelihood of injury.

BETTER SLEEP: The PHB Redirect™ allows the user to release any stressors from the day, so they can sleep more soundly. Also, elongating the spine through movement prepares the body for better rest.

No Limits!

Can be used as a trainer for boxing, to improve one’s golf swing, training for sports that uses lateral motions with leg strength like downhill skiing, waterskiing, wake boarding, and skateboarding. Customers keep surprising us with the incredible ways they are finding benefits from using The PHB Redirect™.

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