The Project Healthy Body Redirect™

We are a culture of sitting. Cars, couches, offices, Zoom meetings, smartphones, and laptops are leaving us physically and emotionally, drained as our minds and bodies are increasingly disconnected. The PHB Redirect™ (Patent Pending) can be placed next to your desk, sofa, or even in your bedroom as a reminder that a body in motion stays in motion. We recommend The PHB Redirect™ users make it a habit to use The Redirect™ two to three times a day for 5 minutes. This will help you habituate movement into your routine, and as a result, your body will naturally crave this motion. Learn more.

What is The PHB Redirect™?

The PHB Redirect™ is an emotion mover. An endorphin booster. A system that allows you to process your feelings preventing them from getting stuck in your body (Patent Pending). You can now feel the feels, move them through you, and decrease the odds you will distract yourself from “feeling your feelings” by making a less than healthy choice (think: eating the thing, drinking the thing, buying the thing, smoking the thing, watching hours of thing after thing).

The PHB Redirect™ (Patent Pending)

  • Is a woman-owned, made in the USA product, with the primary objective of helping individuals strengthen the mind-body connection.
  • Is designed to help users connect to their feelings, reduce anxiety, alleviate stress, increase emotional resilience, spend time in the present moment (Patent Pending).
  • Is a specially designed disk sourced from a wood that supports humans weighing up to 350 pounds.
  • Weighs 10 pounds with 4 exterior hand grips that enable the added benefit resistance training and stretching.
  • Is 24 inches in diameter, allowing anyone to stand comfortably on the platform.

Learn more about the benefits of The PHB Redirect™

You can subscribe to our YouTube Channel here and we are adding new content on a regular basis.

Purchase The PHB Redirect™

If you’re interested in purchasing The PHB Redirect™, please email:

thephbredirect@gmail.com or

DM Jennifer on Instagram @Projecthealthybody_  

Or Venmo @whoquitshealthy including your name and address.

The PHB Redirect™ (Patent Pending) retails for $149, shipping in the continental USA is included. We’re happy to ship to destinations outside of the USA if you are willing to cover the international shipping costs.

Things to know:

  • Each unit is assembled by hand and tested before it is sold. These are being produced in limited batches; there is not much inventory. Due to the Pandemic, the wood used to produce The PHB Redirect™ is in high demand so we are only able to produce a small quantity at a time.
  • Shipping is UPS Ground and can take up to one week (usually runs around 3 days, but is likely to increase around the holiday season)
  • No refunds. Please watch the videos on our YouTube Channel, check with your physician, and be sure this is a fit before you purchase. If you find you do not love it, we kindly suggest you pass this on to a friend and let them give it a try!
  • Please know over time the mechanism will need to be greased (frequency depends on weight and use). We suggest White Lithium.
  • Please know that over time the wood will get marked up and show wear as your feet and hands make contact with the board. We suggest using indoor shoes or wearing socks when using the product. We are also excited to encourage users to draw/paint/collage/sticker their PHB Redirect™ to give them personal meaning and inspiration.