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I am Jennifer Joffe and I originally designed The PHB Redirect™ to help two groups of people. First and foremost, obese people. I was obese, and I know firsthand how slowly, over time, obesity robs us of quality of life. At 35 years old and 250 pounds, I was winded walking up the stairs, chasing my toddlers at the park, and had started to give up things I had loved like skiing and swimming because it just felt like too much. The last thing I wanted to do, or had the energy to do, was get to the gym. I wanted to give people experiencing limited mobility due to their weight an easy way to start building in motion and physical strength. When a person stops moving on a regular basis their health takes a hit in every area of their lives. Humans were designed to move! The PHB Redirect™ makes it easy to start!
The second group of people I wanted to help are those who have a hard time processing their feelings, or perhaps are completely disconnected from them. Over the last 5 years of coaching, I have worked with hundreds of women. What I have seen across the board is people struggling with disordered eating, eating disorders, addictions to substances or behaviors, often lack a strong mind-body connection.
Today, humans are moving through their lives so entrenched in “auto-pilot” that they are rarely present and engaged in their choices. It is a lack of connection between their minds (their choices) and their physical bodies, which are often negatively affected by their automated choices, that leaves people repeating patterns that do not serve them. The PHB Redirect™ will break all of these automated processes apart when used on a regular basis! You can now “redirect” your energy, your choices, your thoughts and your behaviors through the power of motion by choosing to step onto The PHB Redirect™ and begin to process your feelings, instead of detaching from them. The best part is it is really easy to get started!
Through the process of inventing The Redirect™ I realized there is a third person I created this for, me. Me, and all the Healthy People out there who want to age gracefully with range and mobility. We tend to repeat the same movements each day. Swimmers swim, runners run, hikers climb, and walkers walk. The Redirect supplements the movements you already do by allowing you to add-in the movements you don’t frequently do. In spending a few minutes each day focused on a range of motions I do not frequently engage in I have strengthened my own mind-body connection. I have never felt more peaceful, open, connected, creative and joyful.
I hope The PHB Redirect™ changes your life as much as it has changed mine! I may not have had this when I was obese, but I have used it through 9 months of the Pandemic, and I have truly never felt better physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually! I know how powerful this tool is as it has been a lifeline for our entire family.
Much love,

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