The Project Healthy Body Team

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holly-higgins-profileHolly Higgins, 
Nutritional Therapy Practitioner (NTP) and Whole30 Certified Coach
I am Holly, and I am COMMITTED.

Today, I am a vibrantly healthy nutritionist and coach who helps other women step into their power, but let me tell you — it hasn’t always been this way.

My life came to a screeching halt in 2012, when I finally sought help for my severe depression and anxiety. Even though my life looked good on the outside (great husband, great career), I was falling apart at the seams. Over the course of my mental health treatment, I was diagnosed with 10 different mood disorders and tried 10 different psychiatric medications. I was told that I had extreme chemical imbalances and genetic issues, and that I would struggle with my mood for my entire life.

One of the main side effects of antidepressants is weight gain, and I gained a lot — 60 pounds in just a year and a half. While my mood had improved somewhat, I was now depressed because I was clinically obese. I was deeply ashamed of the woman I saw in the mirror, and no matter what I tried, the weight wouldn’t budge. I felt trapped in a body I didn’t recognize, taking medications that made me sick. I really felt like my life was over.

After trying countless diets, I finally discovered Whole30. At the end of 30 days, I not only lost weight, but my mood improved radically. Something shifted. At that point, I COMMITTED to changing my lifestyle for good. I kept eating a Whole30 template, I lost all the weight (60 pounds!), and my doctor helped me wean from all of my medications. I went back to school to become a nutritionist and study the connection between nutrition and mental health. I went from broken to thriving, and I knew I had to help other women do the same.

I met Jennifer on Instagram four years ago, and we have been massive cheerleaders for each other on this crazy journey. I know two things: you can’t do this alone, and you have to be COMMITTED. That’s why I’m so honored to join Project Healthy Body, which blends community and commitment. My favorite women to coach are those who have “drawn the line in the sand” and decided they are never looking back. I did it. So can you.


Beth Hill, Certified Holistic Health Coach
I am Beth, and I AM GRATEFUL.image1-21-e1527553431717.jpeg

I am a Certified Holistic Health Coach, mom, foodie & creative chef on an amazing journey to sustainable wellness, happiness & peace of mind.

I AM GRATEFUL because the universe led me to stumble across Jennifer’s story online and it spoke to me as if she had lived my life and experienced everything I had as a fat girl in a thin world.

My story is simple:  I was a fat kid, a fat college student, a fat adult and at my heaviest, a really fat bride! In 2007, I finally had had enough so I made changes. It took me almost 10 years to explore the why’s, how’s and reasons I gained so much weight. I tirelessly researched everything I could about healthy cooking and eating and slowly shed 100 lbs. Then life, a child and stress got the better of me and during the past few years the scale started going up instead of down — I felt stuck, afraid & defeated!

Jennifer’s story came to me at the right time. I had just completed my certification at The Institute for Integrative Nutrition (IIN) and was myself a Certified Holistic Health Coach. I was really enjoying helping people get healthy, but I couldn’t seem to help myself! With trepidation and transparency, I reached out to Jennifer to see if Project Healthy Body was right for me it was! It was the BEST GIFT I could have given myself!

As a happy client of Project Healthy Body since May, I have lost weight and inches, and gained all the pieces I was missing previous to finding Jennifer. My journey to wellness has been a crazy, wonderful adventure…one that I will enjoy for the rest of my happy, healthy life! I am now living life as a healthy person daily. I AM GRATEFUL for the opportunity to share my knowledge and help other women live life as a healthy person, and really enjoy this amazing life!



Chrissy McIntyre,  CMO – Chief Motivational Officer
Community Manager for The PHB Network , PHB Coach 

I am Chrissy, and I AM RESILIENT.

My name is Chrissy and I found Jennifer through Holly VonDemfange’s blogging about her own Project Healthy Body journey! At the time I was 271 pounds and my BMI was over a 40 (not good). I was sick of being sick. I wanted freedom and I was done making excuses. I started my own Project Healthy Body journey in May 2017, and as of November 2017 I am down 75 pounds. I have moved from a life of self-loathing to one of self-love and confidence. I can handle anything life throws at me and I have the support of this amazing group of ladies when I need an extra hand.

Since working with Jennifer, I have become a healthy person, putting self-care first and foremost on my agenda as it is my most important job. In addition to this, I have also started an interior design business. Jennifer taught me that any goal I have is achievable. If I can see it, I can make it happen. I just needed to start, so I did and my life has changed in so many ways.

I live in Squamish, British Columbia Canada with my Husband Aaron, and our two kids, Isla and Alex. I now get to take full advantage of my beautiful town as a healthy person, and have reconnected with many outdoor activities I once believed I would never do again.

It’s never too late, never stop showing up for yourself, and start being RESILIENT!

I hope to see you on your own Project Healthy Body journey!


Holly VonDemfange
PHB Coach, Project Healthy Body Blog content manager, Dear Project Healthy Body
I am Holly, and I AM BEAUTIFUL.

I have lost 85 pounds. I like to lead with that, because I am so darned proud of myself. I found Jennifer when Sheryl Sandberg shared Jennifer’s journey from self-hate to self-love, I am Jennifer, a Compulsive Overeater. I began working with her in January 2017, when I joined Project Healthy Body. It has both saved and changed my life. It has saved my life, because at 325lbs and a BMI of 50.9, I was well on my way toward an early death. It has forever changed my life, because I have since become passionate about both my own health and vitality, and helping other women start their own journeys toward self-love and increased vitality.

The self-confidence I have gained through this program has led me to reconnect with my gift of story-telling, and I launched my blog back in March What a Girl Wants which chronicles my weight loss adventures in my own unique, bold, and often hilarious style. I am thrilled to be managing the Project Healthy Body blog, and producing the Project Healthy Body Podcast, coming in 2018!

I have also enrolled at The Institute for Integrative Nutrition (IIN) to become a Certified Holistic Health Coach and give back to other women who struggle with obesity, what Jennifer, and Project Healthy Body, has given to me.  Which is, in short, my life back, and the realization that I AM BEAUTIFUL, inside and out.

I live in San Jose, California with my husband Craig, daughters Quinn and Wrenn, and dog Walter. During the daylight hours Monday through Friday, I can be found at Facebook’s headquarters where I have been a superstar executive assistant for over nine years.

Quinn Waxman, Certified Holistic Health Coach
I am Quinn and I am DETERMINED!


I am determined to live the life of my dreams, I am determined to never quit healthy and I am determined to help others find the same freedom that I have found through Project Healthy Body.

A little about me… I have struggled with weight my entire life. I went on my first diet when I was 11. I have tried every weight loss trick out there.

Diets, pills, injections, shakes, you name it I did it, but I never had success. I would lose the weight and then put it back on. This cycle continued for years until finally I hit rock bottom! At 42 years old I realized that I regretted more of my life than I cherished and knew something had to change. I was the heaviest weight I had ever been, I was depressed and anxious and I had gotten to the point that I didn’t even want to leave my house. I knew I couldn’t continue like this. I started reading books, watching videos, listening to podcasts, I was searching for anything that could help me change the way I felt about myself and help me learn how to be healthy. It just so happens one of the things I found was a segment on the Today show with Jennifer. After watching the show, I started following her on Instagram and looking into the Project Healthy Body program. I knew what Jennifer was doing was exactly what I needed and what I had been searching for.

I started to realize that my weight was about the food while at the same time not AT ALL about the food. It was about how I felt about myself, that was the missing piece and that was what Jennifer’s program was all about. I have lost 53 pounds since I began this journey of self-love and for the first time in my life I know that I will reach my goal, not of being skinny, but of being the healthy and happy woman I’ve always dreamed of! I have been a member of Project Healthy Body since January 2018 and I have finally found my tribe. The support, encouragement, and knowledge I have gained have been the spark I needed to finally put my health coaching training to use. Now that I know how true transformation happens, I want to shout it from the rooftops and help other women reach their goals and find the happiness and health that Project Healthy Body has given to me!


Leili McMurrough, Coach in Training
I am Leili, and I AM EMPOWERED.

To say I am busy is an understatement – I have two girls Audrey (6) and Clara (3). I am an

Leili Web 2attorney, a funeral director at my family’s funeral home and I oversee a college.  Getting healthy was always something on my to-do list, but always seemed out of reach. I put my family, career, education – anything I could before taking care of myself. I have spent most of my life overweight pretending it didn’t matter because I was smart and successful. However, I was miserable. I was tired of my life passing me by and feeling out of control.

I started working with Jennifer and Project Healthy Body in June and the chaos and fog I had been living in for 30 years was lifted, almost immediately. I learned that what was stopping me all these years has been fear – fear of failure, fear of change and fear of challenge. I am now down 40+ pounds and on my way to a healthy BMI, I am no longer obese. The cycle of dieting, failing, and constant disappointment is over. Realizing that I am in control of my life has been empowering. I AM EMPOWERED.

I decided to make changes and part of that is being present in my life and taking an active role in my health. I enrolled at The Institute for Integrative Nutrition (IIN) and am on my way to becoming a Certified Holistic Health Coach, coaching my own Project Healthy Body groups. When you get healthy, you realize what a gift you have been given and you can’t wait to share what you have learned.


Mandy Mozzochi, NASM CPT, WFS, FNS, PHB Personal Trainer
I am a NASM Certified Personal Trainer, Women’s Fitness Specialist, and Fitness
Nutrition Specialist who strives to help women become the best possible version of them
self. I am a lover of health and a fitness enthusiast.CSmakeups-50 copy 2 I AM RESILIENT because no matter what life has thrown at me, good and bad I have always found my way back to health. I have suffered from depression since I was 18 years old and I have learned to manage my stress and control my depression through proper nutrition and exercise daily.
Growing up I had low self-esteem and I hated the body I was in. I never felt good enough; pretty enough or that I belonged. But that all changed when I started strength training. Strength training helped me not only build strength physically but also mentally.

I learned to love my body and all it could. The stronger I became the more confident I
became and thus grew my self-love. I AM ENOUGH and so are you. I have used fitness
as my outlet for over a decade now and have helped hundreds of other women learn to do the same.trainerlogo

I have partnered with Jennifer and Project Healthy Body as a trainer because I fully
support what Jennifer does for her clients. It is more than just nutrition coaching or another fad diet it is real life changes. She is amazing at what she does. Give yourself the gift of health and vitality. You wont regret it.

My Background I have always had a passion for fitness and health. When I was young I quickly learned that I loved to run. That love carried me through high school running track, playing volleyball and basketball and into college. In college I competed as a multi-sport student athlete, running track and playing volleyball. Once I graduated college and I was done competing, I worked in the business world only to find that my passion for fitness and health was still very much alive! I have now been a personal trainer for 5 years and love sharing my passion with others and helping them on their journeys to health!

I am certified as a Personal Trainer and a Women’s Fitness Specialist through NASM. I specialize in weight loss, postural alignment and functional training. Although the physical changes are great, that’s only half the battle. We will also work on mindset along with feeling strong and confident in your own skin!