Project Healthy Nicole

I have learned through this program how to enjoy the ride, I want to enjoy the ride. I came to PHB wanting to lose weight but the weight loss is secondary for me now. My focus has shifted and now I want to be an example of healthy living. I am the turtle when it come to the weight loss but I have been the hare when it comes to my levels of happiness, self-love and self-respect. I never knew I could cultivate these things and see my life for all that it has, all that I am, and not simply spend my energy on one singular issue, my weight.

As I move into my second year living life as a Healthy Person I want to relish each day with my girls and I want them to see me living life as a Healthy Person, a consistent person. I want to keep building on my steps, adding to the 50k I get a week, walking more places, adding in more movement.

I know now some health journeys can be unpredictable, some are longer than others, some lead you in an unexpected directions.  What I know for sure is the health journey is never-ending,  but it continues to get more rewarding.  I am beautiful right now!  No one knows how much I weigh, what is more visible is how I treat myself.  All lessons I have learned right here in PHB. I am ENOUGH! I am a Healthy Person!

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