Self-Love: A Mother’s Day Gift to Me

Project Healthy Kathryn

This was the picture that would change my life and finally make the decision for me to take time for some self care.  I don’t think that I am unusual – a Mom that expends all of her energy on others leaving very little for herself.  I thought before that photo that I had a few good self care routines.  I got a pedicure every few weeks and made sure my eyebrows remained in a fairly good state.  I had it all wrong.  Self care is really about self love – and that is what Project Healthy Body has taught me.

Let me rewind a few years ago.  It is not like the weight came on overnight.  I now reflect upon my early teen years and remember starting weight loss programs at a young age.  I am a career dieter.  I have had to break up with dieting and that has been no easy task.  Looking back on a lot of my behaviours I can now admit that I have been a compulsive “closet” eater.  I grew up with siblings that colour coded their Halloween candy.  I was the kid that went through it in a few nights and begged my sister for her spare candy – sometimes hiding the wrappers as to not be found out.

A career woman and high achiever left me with very little time for me.  Going to a board meeting was more important than taking time for my own health and self care.  I had my daughters when I was older and they have truly been one of the main reasons I have decided to really take care of myself.  Being a Mother has been one of the most precious gifts for me.  When I started Project Healthy Body, I was sad, tired, and suffering.    I have amazing daughters that looked up to me but I felt that I was really sabotaging their future.  As parents – we are training our future eaters.  Sure, I thought the example of obtaining a doctorate degree was a good enough role model for them but good enough is not great enough.

My self care is so much more than the food I eat.

For me, self care is being tuned into my emotional, psychological, spiritual, financial, professional, and personal health and making sure I am in check with all of that to make the best version of me for my daughters.  The irony in all this is that for many years of my career I have worked with struggling families facing challenges with mealtimes – and yet I barely kept it together at home.

Mother's Day Hike - 2018
Mother’s Day Hike – 2018

Originally, I thought I would love to come out and share how my children are fantastic eaters and they never feel the temptation of food.  That is not reality.  Instead, I am here today to share with them the knowledge I have gained from PHB and helping them establish their own relationship with themselves and food.  I am training them to be eaters – ones that are able to show a healthy balance of living.  As their Mom, my job is to model progress not perfection and show them that if we fall down – we can always get back again.  I will always offer my hand to them to guide them on their way.


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