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chrissy 2Project Healthy Chrissy

2017 was a truly incredible year for me. I started the year fat, unhealthy, unfulfilled and generally miserable. I knew I wanted change. I was fed up, literally! At 271 pounds I was the heaviest I had ever been. I was scared that this was the end, and that this was what my life would look like forever. I would be a fat mom, a fat wife and eventually a fat grandmother (if I even lived that long). At 41 years old I was scared that my life was over.

I found Holly’s blog sometime in February. Her words read like they were my own personal thoughts. I had to know who she was working with, and if this could also work for me!

Chrissy 3After following Holly’s success story, I reached out to her health coach, Jennifer. When Jennifer emailed me the introduction questionnaire, I knew that this was what I needed. No excuses just healing. I immediately threw myself into the Project. I was eating clean, hydrating, and doing my homework – and my body was responding. Though, it wasn’t only my body that was changing. About halfway through the Project I began to realize that I wasn’t being true to myself and my dreams. I was a stay at home mom and I was really miserable (even though I would tell anyone who would listen that I loved my life). Yeah right! I had to find something for myself, regardless of what others would think.

I have always loved good design, and have renovated and/or built several homes. Through Jennifer’s coaching, I eventually launched an interior decorating business! As of today, I have had several amazing clients and have had the privilege to create some beautiful spaces for them. My work is creative, unique to each project, and extremely rewarding. I am excited to start 2018 totally energized, and excited for each new opportunity and challenge that presents itself.

chrisy 4I have, to-date, lost 85 pounds, and I have no doubt that I will continue to practice the self-love that I learned from Jennifer and my fellow Project Healthy Body Tribe in 2017. My Healthy Body Tribe is my support network, and they have helped me heal as much as Jennifer has. Thanks to working with these incredible women, I have been able to tell my story, including all of my poor choices and self-hating ways, and come out the other end freer and lighter than I have ever been.

2017 wasn’t an easy year for me. It was hard, and vulnerable, and at times all I could do was cry. But Project Healthy Body is all about self-love and getting back up on our feet when we stumble. It is about making healthy choices and caring for our bodies because self-care IS self-love.

I’m very excited to move into 2018. There will be no unrealistic resolutions to fall short of this year. This year, I am not all-or-nothing. This year, I am a healthy person.

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