Janikke’s Healthy Holiday

Project Healthy Janikke

Last year, Janikke gained 9 pounds between Halloween and Christmas.

9 pounds!

She celebrated the good and medicated the bad, with cocktail and cookies. This year, she has lost almost 9 lbs during the holiday season. Better yet, she has lost 50lbs in 2017! This is because she decided that more self-love and self-care was needed, so she reached out to health coach Jennifer, for help. Jennifer helped guide Janikke to discover that self-care and self-love are the hallmarks to healthy living. Janikke is now a Project Healthy Body believer, and super success story!

Before                             After

This holiday season, Janikke is celebrating the spirit of the holidays instead of drinking the spirit of the holiday, and enjoying her little “cookies” (3 year old twins) instead of eating all the cookies. Watch out 2018, because Janikke is still on a roll! In Janikke’s own words, “I couldn’t be more proud to be celebrating the holidays feeling fit and healthy, instead of fat and tired. It makes all the hustle and bustle of the season so much brighter!”

Ending 2017 50lbs lighter!



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