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One of the things I have learned on this journey from self-hate to self-love is to trust that the world around you, the Universe, if you will, is working in your favor. When you wake up each day and put out positive energy and a belief that things are more likely to go in your favor, than not, that energy is reflected back on you.

I love to Coach. I could spend all day every day on the phone helping women see what they are capable of. There is no greater rush, high, or HALLELUJAH moment than when you actually hear a woman start talking about what she is capable of accomplishing, instead of all the reasons her life isn’t the way it should be.

Coaching takes time, and it takes a lot of my energy, which is why I do not work everyday. I have to keep tabs on my reserves, my own health, and the work-life balance that allows me to be a healthy person. One of the things I started to let go when my coaching business picked up was my writing. I had so much to say about Project Healthy Body. I had so many things I wanted to share with women who weren’t clients, but much of that stayed trapped in my head for no other reason than I need to keep my energy focused on those who have hired me to help change their lives.

Photo by Jennifer Alyse

Then Holly joined Project Healthy Body. A few months into working with me she started talking about how one of the things she had been quieting with food was her desire to write. She told me she even had a blog name and had gone to start several times, but talked herself out of it. “So do it.” I told her. “Just write something and hit publish.”

I knew a thing or two about what I was asking her to do. I had the whole Project Healthy Body course written in my head. I had the advertisement designed. I knew I could help women change their lives in a group setting format because together we are better. BUT, I kept putting it off. What if no one signed up? What if people thought I was crazy? Until one day when I’d had enough with the self-doubt and “what-if’s” and I posted my course online. It filled up that week and I have never looked back.

Shortly after I encouraged her, Holly got off the phone and published her 1st post and she has not looked back. I had no idea Holly was going to share her journey to healthy with the world, and I am not sure she knew that was what would pour out of her as she wrote, but what began to develop was an amazing collaboration.

Each week I would show up to teach, and she would implement the lesson into her life, and then share it with all of you. Holly also realized her mission was similar to mine and we have said, more than once, and at the same time; “IF WE CAN DO THIS, ANYONE CAN!”

So Holly is going to take over the Project Healthy Body Blog, because together we are better! She will continue to share her journey, but she will also share other Project Healthy Body journeys. We want everyone to know this is a way of life, and Holly and I are not “lucky” or “special” or “different”. In fact, we are very different people with very different stories on how we became obese. But what matters for those of you reading is that Project Healthy Body is a lifestyle that can free anyone from a life-time of……??????.

Holly…you take it from here!

In love & health,



  1. These women are truly inspiring!! I’m always amazed because they say what I’m thinking. So excited to read more.

  2. Best of luck to you both!!!
    Looking forward to your
    next post! Great writing
    from both of you.
    Hugs and Kisses,
    Auntie Susan

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